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All Types of Lawyers And Their Salaries A Guide for Prospective Law Students Killer Testimonials

Criminal law. Public defenders tend to receive low salaries. Family Law

If you're going through a divorce, you'll need a lawyer who specializes in the law. Family lawyers take care of all legal aspects of the divorce process and marriage. They also take care of child custody, adoption and alimony issues. When you're looking at all sorts of lawyers, and their compensation remember that the majority of family lawyers work for smaller law firms or could be practicing employed in legal practice in private. They're often close to their clients, and maintain regular contact.

The mean salary for one lawyer per family is $213,000. This is far and away the highest median salary of all lawyers listed included on this list. If you're a part of large companies or have cases that are highly publicized attorneys from the family may have the ability to earn more.


Attorneys who are specialized in foreclosure law represent lenders as well as homeowners. They represent both homeowners and lenders in court. They typically represent banks, law firms, as well as government agencies. If you're interested in any kind of lawyer and their wages, a career in foreclosure law is a good option.

The average salary for the foreclosure lawyer is $80,000. When considering all types of lawyers as well as their pay expertise and experience are the main variables. Lawyers who specialize in foreclosures and work with massive properties or reside in cities, can make more than the typical lawyer.

Domestic Violence Law

A lawyer who can help with restraining or restraining requests helps clients to obtain and defend themselves against orders. They can represent the victim or the perpetrator in court. They might be employed in the private sector or for the law firms or agencies of government that deal the issue of domestic violence.

The average salary for lawyers who specialize in domestic violence is $56,000. Domestic violence advocates often are volunteers, or earn very little pay. Most of these advocates are lawyers in the field of family law or criminal.