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Roof Preventative Maintenance Checklist For Madison County Madison County Chamber of Commerce News

You can add Granulation to your Roof Maintenance Checklist Are you seeing an abundance of amounts of granulation within the soil? Granulation, which is a term used to describe tiny roofing pebbles, belong to shingles. If you see pebbles on the ground this is a sure sign that your shingles are aging. If you notice a lot of them, that's a sign that the shingles have begun to wear out. The shingles must be examined for wear and tear to ensure that your roof 100% protects your house as it ought to. After Storms Blow Through , Check for damage to the Hail or Wind. The force of hail storms and high winds could cause roof damage. Notable ways to spot hail damage are obvious points of impact, which caused the granules to break off from gutters and shingles. The impact of wind causes shingles to curl, lift, or completely tear off. Your roof will be exposed to flooding in every instance. Make sure the roof is clean. What's the cleanliness of your roof? Check it out for any debris or accumulated dirt. They can both lead to an early stage of rotting, and can blockage drains. Checking your roof's cleanliness is an important element of any maintenance plan. Check if It's Required to wash your Roof A handy checklist should also have questions under certain Checkpoints. While assessing the health of your roof, ask if your roof should be cleaned. If your roof has been cleaned will last longer and stop it from getting too grimy. It is the National Roofing Contractors Association has declared that it's better to hire a professional roofer for cleaning your roof. Experts know which cleaning products are safest and most effective. It is important to note that using a pressure washer and making the task a DIY project is not recommended. There is a chance of doing more harm than the good. The power washers can be over-powerful and harm your vital gr. .